How to Find Good North Shore Mechanic


Whether a vehicle needs an oil change or mechanical repairs after an accident, choosing the right car service is crucial. If you are based on the North Shore here are some handy tips to help Auckland drivers avoid low-quality repair shops and get back on the road quickly.

Find a Mechanic That Specialises in the Appropriate Make and Model

New Zealand’s mechanics can achieve a variety of certifications, but a manufacturer’s endorsement greatly adds to the technician’s skill set and knowledge. To get such a certification, a mechanic must pass a test and demonstrate proficiency in fixing a certain manufacturer’s vehicles. Going to a specialist shop can help a motorist ensure that his or her car is safe.

Determine if the Shop Offers a Parts and Labour Warranty

“Try it before you buy it” is not an option for every part of life, but warranties can help to bridge the gap. When a driver needs to take his or her car in for automotive repairs in North Shore, they should ask the shop if there is a guarantee on labour and parts to avoid wasting money and time. In many cases, shops will allow customers plenty of time to bring the vehicle back if there are problems with the repairs. Customers should ask about warranty coverage before signing the work order to ensure they are fully protected.

Compare Prices at Multiple Local Shops

If a driver finds a list of potential WOF North Shore mechanics with which to do business, they should get price quotes from each shop. Repair prices can vary from one shop to the next, and drivers can save a fair amount of money by shopping around. It doesn’t hurt to call and ask about promotions and discounts, and customers should read each shop’s Google reviews to get an idea of the level of customer service to be expected.

Mechanical malfunctions never happen at a convenient time, but regular maintenance can help motorists find small problems before they become unmanageable. By following the tips given above, drivers in the North Shore area can get the service they need at an affordable price. Mairangi Automotive is located in Rosedale which is handy for customers in Albany and North Shore. Just visit their website for full details of all their mechanical services:


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